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In the heart of the Finger Lakes rural area, a legacy began on the land nurtured by generations before. It all started in the 1970s in the small town of Savannah, New York, where potato farming ruled the land; Tony and Anthony Verdi bought the farmland that became the fertile ground for a new endeavor. Tony was steeped in the ways of the land and saw an opportunity in the community’s growing needs. With his hands deeply connected to the soil, he ventured into septic and construction work, laying the foundations for a multi-generation family legacy.
Joe, third-generation, didn’t just grow up on the farmland; he learned the ins and outs of installing and repairing septic systems from the ground up. Those early days of hard work and dedication laid the groundwork for a business that has endured.

As time passed, the outlook shifted, focusing on storage containers as the primary service while maintaining the septic service division. A-Verdi Septic, now called PumperJack Septic, transformed into a business specializing in septic tank pumping, visual inspections, filter maintenance, and addressing pesky clogs that disrupt the smooth flow of rural life. It may be a different name, but it’s still the same family and trusted service.

What sets PumperJack Septic apart? It’s not only about the services provided; it’s about the deeply ingrained dedication of the Verdi Family to their customers and the local community. They strive to employ those who have friendly faces and are ready to provide helpful advice and support to all customers they service. From the moment a call is made, every interaction is handled with warmth, reliability, and genuine interest.

The company stands proudly at the forefront of technology, embracing innovation every chance it gets to serve the community better. The personal touch resonates with each customer – the knowledge that the customer supports a locally owned and operated family business deeply rooted in the community’s history.

The connection to the land, the understanding of the rural lifestyle, and the appreciation for the folks in the region between Rochester and Syracuse have all contributed to the trust and loyalty we have earned.

In a sea of choices, there is a seamless blend of expertise, technology, warmth, and a genuine understanding of the community’s needs with PumperJack Septic. It is not just a service; it is a legacy of trust and commitment passed down through four generations, continuing to flourish in the heart of rural New York.

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PumperJack Septic
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Caitlin was pleasant and got me an appointment quickly.Kyle was prompt, friendly and my new hero!!
Cheryl CrofootCheryl Crofoot
00:35 17 May 24
They are very courteous. Would use them again. I definitely recommend them. They came right out to pump our septic tank.
April McFaddenApril McFadden
17:09 08 May 24
Caitlin Is a wonderful customer service rep. She answered all my questions and was very pleasant to speak with.
Jeffery WrenJeffery Wren
20:51 06 May 24
Caitlyn was awesome! I’m sure Cody will be awesome tomorrow for the pump as well! Thank you for the quick responses and super quick service!
Lisa NicholsLisa Nichols
22:37 05 May 24
Having your septic back up into your basement is bad enough, but on a Sunday when businesses are closed is stressful!!! I called and spoke with Courtney who was ready to help immediately. Within a couple of hours our septic was clear and tank emptied and life back to normal! Kyle was very professional, helpful and worked quickly to get the problem resolved for us. Highly recommend this great team of people.
Cathy DemayCathy Demay
20:24 23 Apr 24
Erica was exceptionally pleasant and so accommodating to help schedule a service that worked with our work schedule. We made several calls to set this up and all times she was so nice and very patient. Kyle came out to do the service he was very thorough and explained things, gave us advice and recommended service in one year.We have used Averdi in the past few years and they are the best. I would recommend them to everyone.
Mallory BaileyMallory Bailey
16:48 15 Apr 24
Erica was so wonderful on the phone when we called for an emergency septic pump. Very grateful for the quick response and patience when we were frantic. Kyle, who came to assist us, was also incredible. 100% recommend.
Dan JosephDan Joseph
20:17 08 Mar 24
Got me scheduled right away!! Was able to be serviced the next day. I thought I found the right cover to my tank but I was wrong. Kyle helped me find it and dig it up. Excellent service, I will definitely be recommending them to all friends and using them again in the future!!
Andrea SmithAndrea Smith
17:51 08 Mar 24
Caitlin was very pleasant on the phone, she was able to schedule my service very quickly. Kyle came out to pump my septic tank. He was very professional, he called me and explained everything he did and what I need to do in the future. I would recommend this company to anyone