Companies Part Of The PumperJack Family

Companies Part Of The PumperJack Family

Discover why companies acquired by PumperJack prioritize local ownership. Learn how preserving community ties and values drives their commitment to supporting the region’s economy and culture. Explore the benefits of keeping decision-making close to home for enhanced understanding and responsiveness to local needs.

Drooby’s Septic

Drooby’s Septic Tank Service, founded in 1970 by the esteemed George Drooby, incorporated local ownership and family values in the heart of Geneva, New York’s Finger Lakes Region. For over four decades, George served communities across Ontario and Seneca Counties, including Clifton Springs, Phelps, Seneca Falls, Waterloo, and Geneva, with unparalleled dedication and care.


When George made the decision to retire, preserving the legacy of personalized, local service was paramount. That is why he entrusted the Verdi Family to carry on his tradition, ensuring that customers continue to receive the same exceptional service and friendly demeanor they have come to expect from Drooby’s.

"A Flush Beats a Full House"
George Drooby

East’s A1 Septic Tank Service

East’s A1 Septic Tank Service, founded in 1953 by the East Family, has been a cornerstone of Wayne County, New York’s septic industry. Based out of Marion, NY, Jeff and Robyn’s dedication and expertise have shaped local sanitation services for decades. Whether it was Jeff behind the wheel or Robyn coordinating operations, their personalized approach set them apart. Beyond tank pumping, they excelled in minor repairs and OTN inspections, ensuring comprehensive service for their loyal customers.

East A1

As retirement beckoned and the Easts sought to pass the torch, they turned to Joe and Kourtney, recognizing the importance of entrusting their legacy to caretakers who shared their commitment to customer care and excellence.

"The Guy with the White Truck"

Joe Pitts Septic Cleaning

Joe Pitts, a lifelong resident of Williamson, New York, dedicated over 40 years of his life to serving the Northern portion of Wayne County through his business, Joe Pitts Septic Cleaning. From answering calls to billing and pumping tanks, Mr. Pitts was the embodiment of hard work and dedication until his passing in February 2020. When the time came to decide the future of the business, Mae, Joe’s widow, reached out to Joe and Kourtney.

Joe Pitts Septic

Having heard her husband speak highly of Tony and Joe on numerous occasions, Mae felt confident that entrusting them with the business would honor Joe’s legacy and commitment to service.

Rick’s Septic & Excavating Service

Rick’s Septic, established in 1992 by Richard Tillack, has been a cornerstone of dependable service in Canandaigua, New York. Rick’s commitment to excellence and fair pricing earned him a stellar reputation throughout Ontario and Yates Counties. 


From pumping various septic systems to conducting inspections, repairs, and installations, Rick served communities far and wide, including Canandaigua, Naples, Gorham, and beyond. Known for his hands-on approach, Rick personally handled every aspect of the business until his retirement. Now enjoying the sunny shores of Florida, Rick entrusted the Verdi family with his legacy, confident that they will uphold the same standards of quality and dedication he maintained for years.

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